Finding Your Purpose & Living Your Destiny!

It’s All Your Fault! Your Life, Your Choice.

You Are Here By Choice Not By Chance… YOUR CHOICE

Are you ready to:

  • Stop drifting through life from one challenge to the next?

  • Embrace your own personal power?

  • Choose love over fear?

  • Step up and be all that you can be?

It’s All Your Fault – Your Life, Your Choice

As the title of the book suggests your life is your responsibility, and yours alone. I have written this Book to share with you the real meaning of your life on the earth plane and how you can go about finding your true-life purpose.

You choose your life before you are born – there are no mistakes and no accidents! And you did not arrive here empty-handed… you created your Natal Chart, a map of the heavens at the time you were born, so as you would have a Blue Print or a Plan to follow.

So, you had the power to choose it all before you were born, and now that you are here and living that life you chose, you also have the power to say how you can react to it, how you can learn from it and how you can be happy, peaceful and successful through all that life throws at you.
Believe it or not, you are here to learn and evolve from all that you experience – not to be unhappy and to suffer from it.

Deidre, I wanted to say I bought your new book and wow what an awesome book you did. It is so direct to the point and right on the dot. I have learned so much from your book. Thank you for writing the book of life from the other side and this side (so to speak) will you be writing another book?

M. Murray


In her book “It’s All Your Fault – Your Life, Your Choice” Deidre Wilton puts everything in such simple language that even an idiot like me could understand it!!

This amazing little book has many, many highlights in it, and my family and friends who now have copies of it too, love it as much as I do!! Thank you Deidre for making life a little simpler, and a little more hopeful for me!

C. Mahtani


Meet The Author

My name is Deidre Wilton and I am an Esoteric Astrologer, Author, Clairvoyant and Metaphysical Teacher, based in the Wellington, New Zealand.

You are truly here by choice and not by chance and it is up to you to take responsibility for all that you chose and continue to choose. And you do this by interpreting and then following your Natal Chart which is the map to all of this and so much more.

This super-informative and educational book offers you a metaphysical interpretation of life on the earth plane and what we are all truly here for.

The earth plane is a School of Learning and you step into your own personal power and belief in yourself like never before when you acknowledge this and the role you have to play in it all.

It's All Your Fault! - BOOK

It’s All Your Fault – Your Life, Your Choice
is about understanding your life purpose and it contains information, tools and understandings as to how you, as a soul on a journey, can empower yourself, enjoy your life and actively and attentively learn all that you have chosen to learn in this lifetime.


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