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Need Spiritual Direction And Guidance?

Book a Clairvoyant Astrology Reading!

These Readings are ideal if you;

✦ have specific questions you would like answers to

✦ need clarification and understanding of what is occurring for you in your life at this time.

30 Minute OR 1-hour Reading from only $80!

My StarWise Clairvoyant Readings are for those who have already had astrological interpretations done by me in the past, and are just looking for some answers from Spirit, or some direction in their lives.

My personal StarWise Clairvoyant Readings can be done via Zoom or over the phone. To do these Readings I use the guidance and assistance of my Spiritual Guides and Ascended Masters through my clairvoyant connection with them, as well as my knowledge of esoteric astrology and intuition. These Readings are directed at the “now” in your life, as well as your soul’s journey through this lifetime.

I am here to offer you guidance and spiritual counsel along your journey to find your own personal Life Path, happiness and peace. My psychic awareness and knowledge of esoteric astrology allow me to interpret your soul’s journey in this lifetime, and other lifetimes also, so that you can grow stronger and be more aware of who you truly are, and can be, in this incarnation.

Loved ones and those who work with you in Spirit may also come through to offer you their messages and love at this time.

I do travel every year to teach Workshops and do StarWise Personal Readings so please refer to my Events page for when I will be in an area near you.