Finding Your Purpose & Living Your Destiny!


Are you ready to start a transformational journey that will set you on the path to becoming the best version of yourself?

(Without spending years feeling confused and blaming yourself for the past!?)

We all carry our own life's scars, lessons, and experiences.

You chose this path, knowingly, before you were born, as part of your soul's journey.

Navigating this journey can be tough.

Blame, denial, self-doubt, and feeling overwhelmed can become obstacles.

But I'm here to tell you that you can heal, progress, and manifest the life you've always desired. It all begins with inner work.

Introducing... Three Transformational Healing Courses

These three courses can be attended individually or combined for a comprehensive transformation.

They are designed to help you delve into your past, heal the wounds, and embrace your inner gifts.

When you heal within, you unlock tremendous power, integrity, and self-love that radiates into the world, impacting both your life and those around you.

You've done nothing wrong; you just need to discover who you are to unlock your full potential.

I am here to support you every step of the way.


Rediscover your inner child, the innocent, intuitive, and vulnerable part of you.

Heal the wounds from your past that still affect you today.

By healing your inner child, you restore the foundation of your thoughts, feelings, and actions.


Learn to differentiate between your Ego Self and Higher Self energies so you can always make the best choices and decisions.

Find out where your fears come from and how to transform these into your gifts and talents.

Discover how to stay in your Higher Self energy so that your fears and Ego Self no longer drive you or have power over you.


Explore your past lives, ancestral karma, gifts, and challenges.

Clear the negativity from your ancestral line, and become present in the here and now.

Empower yourself to succeed and evolve on all levels.

SPECIAL OFFER: Each Healing Course is currently $555, but when you enrol in all three as a Healing Course Package, you can attend all for just $1500.


Upgrade to the ULTIMATE HEALING PACKAGE by adding a 2-hour In-Depth Intuitive Astrology Reading with Deidre (valued at $300).

Discover the "why" behind your experiences and struggles.

Your astrology is your blueprint for this lifetime. It provides clarity, helps you overcome confusion, and steers you in the right direction.


Includes the following;

In-Depth Intuitive Astrology Reading,

Inner Child Healing Course,

Ego Self vs Higher Self Healing Course AND

Past Lives Healing Course

Valued at $1950.

Limited-Time Offer:

Sign up for the ULTIMATE HEALING PACKAGE by December 31, 2023, and receive a FREE one-year Star-Bright Membership Subscription to Star-Wise for all of 2024.

You'll pay just $1650, but you'll receive an additional 12 months of support, guidance, and access to a like-minded community.

Don't miss this opportunity to transform your life. You deserve to unlock your full potential and live a life of purpose and self-love.

Invest in Yourself - Cost: $1650

Hi, im Deidre,

For the past 20 years I have been immersed in Esoteric Astrology and developing my unique and personal Clairvoyant Astrology Style.

My unique process doesn't just help people release fears, traumas and blockages, but helps them connect with their intuition to find their life’s purpose, joy, and ability to manifest their deepest desires to create life-long transformation.

So that you don't have to spend 20 years struggling through the journey feeling alone and lost.

Still unsure?

Here's What Our Community Has To Say...

“I liked Deidre’s soft feminine approach to explaining the astrology chart and events in my life. So many AHA moments happened during this reading, as she combined a very good knowledge of astrology and intuitive insights into my specific situation.

To be exact: she started with explaining why I am here, why I chose my family, what life experiences I needed to go through, to be able to live out my soul’s path. She also gave me a good look into where I am now, and how I could move forward to serve the most.

She gave me a totally different perspective on my life, and I could make peace with a lot of people and events.

She isn’t just reading your chart – she is reading YOU, your soul’s journey.”

Klavdija, Slovenia

“Deidre is an absolute ray of light! The reading I had was so informative and confirmed many of my lingering questions.

I was completely gobsmacked at the level of detail! Deidre goes over and beyond to ensure she covers the areas you have questions on.

I would absolutely recommend Deidre and this report as it has now given me fuel to pursue my purpose and take better care of me and my family. Thank you Deidre! You are a true Lightworker!”

Angelique, USA

"I just wanted to say my reading was brilliant. Not only did it answer my questions, but it highlighted where I was at and really helped give me insight on situations that I had yet to give a second thought to.

Im glad it was only a recording because after listening to the reading, I realised just how closed my mind was and just hearing you go through everything really opened me up again.

Thank you so much! I had been under extreme stress and anxiety wondering if i was on the wrong path only to find out I am exactly where I am needed to be. Thank you so much."

Leiry, Australia