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Solar Return Reading

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A Solar Return Report with Clairvoyant Reading is your own personal yearly horoscope from birthday to birthday.

You will receive;

✦ valuable insight into what is in store for you within your career, health, love life, spiritual life, family and so much more

✦ spiritual guidance as to what you can do to help yourself and make the best use of your year ahead

1-hour Solar Return Reading and 15+ page Report only $200!

The StarWise Solar Return Report is your own personal yearly horoscope which covers the period from your birthday one year until your birthday the following year.

This astrology report gives you practical and psychic insight into your year ahead as well as identifying how you will be feeling emotionally during this period, how your work and career will be going for you and whether there will be any changes.

Your birthday-to-birthday astrology also indicates where you may suffer any health issues in that year, as well as romance, travel and many other areas of your life.

The Clairvoyant Overview or Psychic Reading section of this StarWise Solar Return Report covers your current planetary transits and how the energy of the signs of the zodiac will be affecting you on a personal and spiritual level as your birthday astrology plays out.
These Reports and Readings are an ideal insight into what is in store for you, enabling you to know where to apply your energy constructively for a successful and happy year ahead.

The StarWise Solar Return Report With Clairvoyant Reading can be given as a Personal Reading via Zoom or on the phone with the written Astrology Report portion (approximately 15 pages) to be emailed to you after the Reading takes place.

If you are unable to meet me via Zoom or over the phone I can offer you a fully recorded Reading. I will channel this Reading as if I was speaking directly to you, and record it for you and then send it to you via Dropbox along with the above-mentioned Astrology Report.