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Star-wise Star Child Report

The Gift of Astrology

The essential blueprint for new parents, grandparents and caregivers

Find out everything you need to know about the soul who has chosen YOU as their guide in this lifetime

A Star-wise Star Child Report Offers;

✦ invaluable information and insight into your precious child

✦ a guide and unique insight into your
child that will allow you to assist and support them lovingly and conscientiously along their soul journey

✦ A beautifully presented 15-page report, which also includes your child's Natal Chart!

✦ what true gifts and talents your child has brought into this world

✦why they have chosen YOU as their guide

✦ what health issues they may experience
✦ how they will develop mentally, creatively, physically and spiritually
what their greatest life lessons will be

Order Your Star Child Report for Only $90

A Sneak Peak Inside the Star-wise Star Child Report

A Snapshot of the Sky At The Precise Moment of Your Child's Arrival

Seven Chapters Full of EVERYTHING you Need to Learn About Your Child

A Gift For Life!

A Star-wise Astrology Report makes a perfect gift!

This Report can be purchased for yourself or as a gift for someone you love!

✦ Applicable for any child up to the age of 14 years

✦ All the information you need to truly know and understand your child and the life they have chosen to live in this lifetime

✦ Once I have received your order you can expect to receive your unique and beautifully illustrated Report within 2 business days

Want to Gain an Even Deeper Insight into Your Child?

Check Out the Star-Wise Star Child Intuitive Reading & Report

A one hour Star-Wise Star Child Intuitive Reading with me where all your questions will be answered. This Reading will be fully recorded for you for future reference and you will also receive a 15+ page Star-Wise Star Child Report!